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Access endothelial cells efficiently in vitro - new AAV gene tools

Long lasting expression, any gene or shRNA, inducible TET optional

A new type of adeno-associated virus has been engineered and validated as efficient gene carrier into endothelial cells. The AAV5-derived endoAAV particles perform with outstanding results in vitro. FACS analysis shows that 63% of HCAEC cells can be transduced efficiently with this virus system. With this system the experimenter can benefit from the long-term expression that is typical 


FACS sorting analysis of HCAEC cells transduced with endothelial specific endoAAV.
left: Only live (=low PI signal) cells were sorted for further analysis. right: 63% of the transduced cells showed a robust GFP signal.

This new endoAAV is now available to the research community.

Within the common size limits, the system can be used to package virtually ANY gene or shRNA coding sequence. Combine it with tissue specific promoters to further select for cell specificity or even use a TET-inducible promoter to time the expression for exact and convincing data. By combining target expression with selection markers the system enables selection of transduction positive clones and a high yield of pure transduction positive cells.

Feel free to contact our experts at SIRION Biotech vectors@sirion-biotech.com to receive an individually drafted quote for your research application. 

Optimize your CAR-T cell strategies  

With advanced lentivirus methods

Success in early clinical trials with small patient groups have made the CAR- (chimeric antigen receptor) approach to genetically reprogram T-cells a hopeful new technology to combat cancer.

While promising, several elements of the way that genetically modified T-cells are produced need to be refined to become marketable at a large scale.

SIRION Biotech is an expert in modifying and improving viral vector technologies to attune them to the specific requirements of modern R&D projects in the life sciences. SIRION's LV technology platform gives options to optimize cell transduction on every level:
  • LentiBOOST – a universal transduction enhancer that is especially potent in increasing T-cell transduction efficiencies.
  • LentiTHERAPY – Retargeting lentivirus by including customizable single-chain antibodies against a defined surface marker.
  • Custom LV cloning and production - All major expression systems are fully customizable, including options for custom promoters, inducible expression and knockdown systems. 
SIRION can support R&D of all sizes including projects aiming for clinical applications.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular ideas and needs.

About the company
Highest Technological Standards

SIRION Biotech
 is world leader for innovating virus vector technologies and provides custom services to academic and industrial partners as well as licensing unique virus technologies for pre-clinical and clinical development. SIRION is the only company mastering all 3 major virus types used regularly in the life sciences.
  • Customized cell models and gene vectors
  • In shortest possible time frames
  • Custom project managment to fit your experimental setup
Technological features include

Dr. Carl J. Christel 
Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing
Sirion Biotech, GmbH

Dr. Carl Christel, Viral Vector Professional

As German-American citizen, Carl has lived on both sides of the Atlantic. With his well based knowledge of cellular, neuro- and cardiac physiology and his unique bilingual background, he maintains fast and precise communications between the German SIRION headquarters and US clients.

Email: christel@sirion-biotech.com 
URL.: www.sirion-biotech.com
Phone US :  +1 857 284 1844
Phone EU:   +49 89 700 961 99 18

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